Macro Ink and Liquid Video Plus a Trip to Atlanta

Last weekend I started shooting an art project I’ve been developing for a few months. I’ve been shooting a tabletop setup in studio, capturing high speed macro photography of inks in water. As I’ve been preparing for a few commercial projects involving macro liquid photography, I thought this would be an creative way to get some practice. The first shoot was an interesting experience.

Studio Shots

A full fish tank of water is heavy! We did about 15 shots, which meant 15 resets carrying this thing to kitchen. But it was worth it. I haven’t shot ink like this before, and it’s turning out to be pretty beautiful. I still need another day of shooting to complete the production, but am hoping to finish the video by the end of July.

The 4k frame grabs are actually pretty stunning. Next week I’ll be sharing some images from the final shoot as the video enters editorial, and a few actual frame grabs of the inks. I haven’t done an art project purely for the fun of it in a while, so it was refreshing.Filming at Porsche Atlanta

I also had an interesting assignment filming at Porsche in Atlanta. We were covering a reveal event and made sure to shoot lots of high-speed cars racing in slow motion. Of course. It was a bit of a long shoot, but fun, and now back to Chicago.

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