Two Music Videos in a Day With Netherfriends

Here we have a one take music video I made with my buddy Netherfriends in Chicago last week. He lives in Austin but was popping in for a concert, so I thought it might be a good opportunity for a little side project. Last year we made a couple of videos that turned out nicely (see below), so we set it up and were on our way.

Making music videos is typically a pretty long process and a labor of love. Personally I love it, but it takes a special investment with an artist to actually find the time and resources to make a cool collaboration happen. Netherfriends loves the one take videos though, which are about as simple as they come. Working on longer projects is great, but there’s something satisfying about making something quickly and getting it out there. There are worse ways to spend a weekend, for sure. Kelly Fleming assisted for me and she took some great BTS shots as well.

IMG_7108 2

Photo by Kelly Fleming

We filmed the first video quickly on my Sony FS7, all of it on my modified Contax Zeiss 35mm prime. I happened to have a ton of prop money lying around from a commercial last year, and since this song was principally about, well, money, it seemed quite fitting. We shot at 30p and ramped the song 25%, just to make things interesting – a pretty standard music video trick. The second video we made I used my a7rii with a wireless follow focus on my Ronin-M, pushing the unit about to capacity but it worked out well too. You can find that on the Netherfriends Facebook page.

At this moment I’m rendering out that ink+water project, which just needs music and a bit of finishing. Likely going to share it next week, and there are some assignments things coming up in the next few weeks.

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And any Chicago artists out there wanting to collaborate please get in touch.

Now, here are some recent pictures.

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