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Macro Ink and Liquid Video Plus a Trip to Atlanta

Last weekend I started shooting an art project I’ve been developing for a few months. I’ve been shooting a tabletop setup in studio, capturing high speed macro photography of inks in water. As I’ve been preparing for a few commercial projects involving macro liquid photography, I thought this would be an creative way to get some practice. The first shoot was an interesting experience. A full fish tank of water is heavy! We did about 15 shots, which meant 15 resets carrying this […]

  • This building next door looks a little different each day. The light was pretty great this time around
  • Commuting
  • Morning view
  • Find your #bokeh
  • Sunbeam

This Week on Instagram – 6/6/16

My daily photography adventures on Instagram. This week features a few pictures I took during downtime on a few assignments, but mostly images from my daily commute series. I try to find new angles, colors, and ideas on the same tried and true path to my studio in Chicago. Follow me on @remsy_atassi and please reach out if you have any ideas for collaborations.